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Poll Announcement - Fictional Character Poll - I (The tensor menace)


Dear all,

all of this started as a hobby in a hot evening of July. Now I think I find real fun in creating these models and see my own fantasies come to life with a powerful tool such Stable Diffusion.

Characters that I've always seen as cartoons or manga characters now feel more realistic than ever, it's a real dream come true for me (and maybe for some of you as well).

Roughly two months after my first post my models have been downloaded 2500 times, and I've gotten 100+ followers. To all of you: thanks!

So I started to caress the idea of giving you a voice: what kind of character would you like to see next? It's not like I'm running out of ideas (and I have many and many characters still to realise, don't worry hehe) but sometimes I cannot really decide whom to re-create first.

If you have suggestions, fantasies, fictional (or real) characters you'd like to see, please, vote in the polls and write your comments.

Poll 2:

Poll 3:

Poll 4:

Poll 5: