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TRIGGER ONLY Character lora:Spike(Cowboy Bebop)仅触发词角色劳拉:斯派克(牛仔比波普)


Spike(Cowboy Bebop)

Total score: 2 (2 stars) partially available

Details: 3 available

It can be seen at a glance that it is Spike.

Style: 1 Not available

The art style of the training set is very strong, and it is very close in all the models I have used.

Failure rate: 2 partially available

The inside and outside of the clothes showed errors in some models.

The author's classification of Lora is not character, and out of affection for Spike, I tested this lora according to character's standards. Based on the results, it can be expected that this lora would also be effective if used as the style of the anime Lora. It can also get a higher rating.


细节: 3 可用


款式:1 不可用


故障率:2 部分可用


作者对Lora的分类并不是character,出于对Spike的感情,我按照character的标准测试了这个lora。根据结果,可以预料到这个lora如果作为当年那部动画的style Lora使用应该也会很有效。也能得到更高评价。