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One Trigger Word Lora Test: JAV Momo_桜空○

One Trigger Word Lora Test: JAV Momo_桜空○

JAV Momo_桜空○

Overall score: 4 (4 stars) Excellent

Details: 4 outstanding

Faces with distinct features can be generated in most models. Whether it's 2D or 3D, there are several particularly good images

Style: 5 Perfect

Perfect representation of model differences.

Failure rate: 3 available

The face in different models plays unstable, some like herself, some not.

The test uses only a single trigger word, generating images with 2 fixed seeds. Examine the initial performance of the character LoRa itself. There are three objective dimensions: detail, style, and failure. 1 Not available 2 Partially available 3 Available 4 Excellent 5 Perfect . The overall score matches Civitai's five-star rating.

总分:4(4星 )出色

细节:4 出色


风格:5 完美


失败率:3 可用


该测试仅使用单个trigger word,用2个固定种子生成图像。考察人物LoRa 自身的初始性能.有三个客观维度:细节、风格和失败。1 不可用 2 部分可用 3 可用 4 出色 5 完美 。总分和Civitai的五星匹配。