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Made a program to auto-upload generated images to ImgBB


Where to get it: WilliamAxelC/Automatic-Image-Uploader-for-ImgBB at v1.0 (

Kinda got sick of uploading images to ImgBB manually, so I decided to try my hand at an auto-upload program

to use, all you have to do is get your API key from imgBB, set the directory to watch and start observer!

the program will notice any new images made and send them to pending uploads

enable auto-upload to immediately upload images after it's created, or press the "Upload Pending Images" button

"check sub-directories" will check for all folders in said directory, check this if you're using Automatic11111 as it creates sub-folders for each day

Hope that this program is as useful to y'all as it was for me ❤️