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Worlds Royal University 🏫

Worlds Royal University 🏫

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Worlds Royal University (WRU):

The Worlds Royal University, often abbreviated as WRU, is a prestigious inter-dimensional academy that serves as the nexus of learning and cultural exchange between students from various worlds and dimensions. Founded by visionaries who recognized the potential of bringing together diverse knowledge and talents, WRU has since grown into a sprawling institution that spans multiple realms and dimensions.

with a wide range of courses and programs, catering to the diverse backgrounds and abilities of its student body. From magic and advanced technology to diplomacy and inter-dimensional history, WRU provides a comprehensive education that can spans up to to 20 grades before graduation!


Academy Events :

I'll occasionally include the registered students in random Academy Events to explore and develop their characters an relations bit further each timeπŸ€—, these even could range form story bits to more creative challenges to interactive narrative . . I myself don't know what lies ahead which makes it the more fun !


Signing up characters :

so you have a fresh new talent to sign up, the processes is fairly simple!

1st the picture has to be made with only one of Worlds LoRAs , has white background , uncropped Fullbody , they all has to be "lifting a giant cube"😀

next the info [use the entries form the students below as an example] ,and you can add Connections with other characters in WRU or any Additional Info.

  • its encouraged to sign new students in the same grade as other existing ones.

  • Grades goes up to F-20 , F being the class for academically challenged students and 20 the highest year in the academy.

  • keep in mind the sum of Attributes cannot go past 100 , with the average human attribute being Wit: 20 | Physic: 20 | Charisma: 20


Students Registry [16 students]:


[Name: Corbin Mal glitch]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Malware Tech World πŸ›‘

  • Grade: C-9

  • Temperament: Naive

  • Attributes: Wit: 9 | Physic: 23 | Charisma: 10

  • Likes: Talking to others, helping those in need, simple pleasures, like drawing and painting

  • Dislikes: Conflict, complicated technology, the isolation caused by his condition

  • Biography: Corbin Mal Glitch is a genuinely kind and helpful student from the Malware World, which has been afflicted by cyber calamities. He's afflicted with multiple personality disorder, which leads to various personas surfacing at different times.

    Despite his good-natured and simple-minded disposition, Corbin's condition makes it challenging for him to form lasting connections with others. His face's constant glitching and his unintentional ability to corrupt digital devices have led to most students avoiding him out of fear or distrust.

  • Skills:

    • Digital Corruption: His touch brings corruption to most digital devices, making them malfunction or break.

    • Artistic Talent: Corbin has a hidden talent for drawing and painting, which he often uses as a means of self-expression.


[Name: Vance Deceptor]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Malware Tech World πŸ›‘

  • Grade: C-5

  • Temperament: Deceitful

  • Attributes: Wit: 23 | Physic: 19 | Charisma: 28

  • Likes: Scamming and tricking others, reveling in the suffering of his victims, exploiting digital vulnerabilities

  • Dislikes: Trustworthy individuals, those who see through his deceit

  • Biography: Vance Deceptor is a cunning and deceptive student hailing from the Malware World, a place where deceit and manipulation are commonplace. Despite his abilities, Vance often finds himself playing the role of a lackey rather than a mastermind, as his love for trickery and scams takes precedence over complex schemes.

    His good looks and charismatic charm make it easy for Vance to lure unsuspecting victims into his web of deception. He particularly enjoys watching the suffering of those who fall for his tricks.

  • Skills:

    • Digital Corruption: Much like Corbin, Vance's touch brings corruption to digital devices. However, he uses this ability to bypass security measures and exploit vulnerabilities.

    • Swift Dodge and Dexterity: His physical agility and dexterity make him adept at evading confrontations and escaping tight situations.


[Name: Juno Cipher]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Hacked Tech World πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

  • Grade: D-3

  • Temperament: Apathetic, fickle

  • Attributes: Wit: 72 | Physic: 8 | Charisma: 10

  • Likes: Manipulating people using information, setting things in motion behind the scenes, watching from afar

  • Dislikes: The spotlight, getting involved, exerting effort, following rules

  • Biography: Juno Cipher is a highly skilled hacker from the a Cyber Hacked World, known for her extraordinary cyber skills and cunning ability to manipulate information and events to her advantage. Her dual nature as an introverted otaku and a sadistic cyber genius adds complexity to her character.

    In public, she deliberately maintains a facade, appearing as an ordinary, lazy otaku girl who avoids social interactions and classroom activities. However, when immersed in the digital realm, she becomes a sadistic cyber monster, utilizing her skills to orchestrate complex scenarios and exploit data for her own purposes.

  • Skills: Hacker Extraordinaire, Information Manipulation


[Name: Bolt]

-- by Sozutorn --

  • World: Oxide tech World πŸ›’οΈ

  • Grade: D-3

  • Temperament: introverted, curious,

  • Attributes: Wit: 45 | Physic: 40 | Charisma: 15

  • Likes: learning about his surroundings, studying and collecting objects,

  • Dislikes: crowded places, being approached by strangers,

  • Biography: Bolt is a resident of the harsh oxide world. The contaminated, rusty air of his world brings dire consequences, and for Bolt, it translated into facial deformities from birth. His parents, burdened by shame and unable to accept him, abandoned him amidst the sprawling scrapyards when he was a mere child. Struggling to survive, Bolt caught the eye of an old man β€” an inventor and mechanic β€” scavenging for materials. Moved by pity, the man took him to his nearby village where the child remained a mystery. The villagers knew nothing of his origins or name. Over time, a bond formed between them. The old man even started teaching the boy the art of engineering, from which he earned the nickname 'Bolt' for his fondness of unscrewing and dismantling inventions.

    As Bolt grew up, remarkable traits surfaced: swift learning and exceptional regenerative abilities and his prodigious strength, invaluable in helping the old man in his workshop. However, somehow Bolt still struggled to learn how to speak. Bolt liked the life the old man gifted him, but there was still a lot of untapped potential in him and the only way to unveil it would be to venture beyond the safety of their village.

  • Skills: Unnatural strength, Regenerative capabilities, Can build anything from scratch


[Name: Lili & Lulu]

-- by Sozutorn --

  • World: Frag Reality Tech World ⏳

  • Grade: A-2

  • Temperament: shy, curious,

  • Attributes: Wit: 60 | Physic: 20 | Charisma: 20

  • Likes: being with Lulu(Lili), being with Lili(Lulu), animals, foreign technology,

  • Dislikes: being apart, wrongdoing towards the other sister,

  • Biography: Despite their different appearances, Lili and Lulu are twins, a product of a peculiar occurrence within the frag reality world - a distortion of reality that can manifest at any given moment. In the case of Lili and Lulu, this distortion occurred precisely at the time of their birth, resulting in their contrasting looks. However, this phenomenon also gifted them an extraordinarily unique connection.

  • Apart from the two sisters, the true depths of this connection remain a mystery. Physically, they appear unable to be apart for an extended period, a magnetic force seems to draw them together. This has led them to share and experience almost everything together, further fortifying their already remarkably strong bond. They not only possess the same set of abilities and knowledge but have been rumored to synchronize their speech, often completing each other's sentences. As long as they stand together, it appears that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

  • Skills: Advanced studies in biology and science, Telepathy, Mysterious twins bond powers


[Name: Maximilian Goldsworth]

-- by Sozutorn --

  • World: Lux Tech World πŸ’³

  • Grade: A-6

  • Temperament: Haughty, smug,

  • Attributes: Wit: 50 | Physic: 10 | Charisma: 40

  • Likes: wealth, power, manipulation, being always on top,

  • Dislikes: weakness, poverty, losing,

  • Biography: Maximilian Goldsworth is a formidable and affluent individual who, at a remarkably young age, inherited Goldsworth Tech Industries, one of the largest corporations in his world, following the tragic demise of his father, Eugene Goldsworth, who fell victim to a criminal attack. This event was devastating for Maximilian, however, as he matured, he began to perceive that his father, Eugene, may have inadvertently placed himself in harm's way. He started to think that despite his considerable wealth, Eugene lacked the vigilance and astuteness needed to protect himself. Maximilian, on the other hand, firmly believes he possesses the intellect and fortitude to stand apart, he is determined to transcend his father's fate, exhibiting unwavering resilience and determination. Maximilian is resolute in his commitment to ensure no one catches him off guard, and he is relentless in his pursuit of becoming what his father never could - a force to be reckoned with, unyielding and unparalleled.

  • Skills: Extremely high intelligence, Possession of extremely advanced technology, Unnatural persuasion, Always an ace up the sleeve,


[Name: Isabella Vinci]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Da Vinci Tech World πŸ“

  • Grade: A-2

  • Temperament: Tsundere

  • Attributes: Wit: 72 | Physic: 18 | Charisma: 10

  • Likes: Praise for her inventions, challenging engineering problems, tinkering in her workshop, tea time

  • Dislikes: Inefficiency, distractions, admitting vulnerability

  • Biography: Isabella Vinci is a,n inventor and engineering prodigy from the DaVinci World. Her unparalleled talent for crafting intricate automatons and her innovative mind make her a standout student. Despite her intellect, Isabella is known for her tsundere personality – a tough exterior that hides her inner vulnerability.

    Isabella has a deep-seated need for recognition and praise, often driven by her desire to prove her worthiness in her home world where brilliant inventors are common. She spends most of her time in her workshop, making new schematics and inventions.

  • Skills: Inventor Extraordinaire, Problem-Solving, Drawing


[Name: Seraphina Automata]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Da Vinci Tech World πŸ“

  • Grade: A-2

  • Temperament: Considerate

  • Attributes: Wit: 28 | Physic: 35 | Charisma: 36

  • Likes: Assisting Isabella, maintaining a tidy environment, classical music

  • Dislikes: dust, inefficiency, disorder, bad manners

  • Biography: Seraphina Automata is a remarkable creation of Isabella Vinci, designed to serve her needs and assist her in various tasks. Despite her apparent age, she is the same grade as Isabella, showcasing Isabella's exceptional talent as an inventor.

    With her refined manners and a considerate nature, often acting like a big sister to Isabella. Her main purpose is to ensure Isabella's well-being and support her in her academic endeavors. She possesses exceptional efficiency and maid skills, making her a valuable and dependable companion.

  • Skills: Efficient Maid Skills, Mechanical Flexibility


[Name: Scarlet Hellraiser]

-- by Taintedcoil2 --

  • World: World of fire

  • Grade: C-5

  • Temperament: Energetic, impulsive,

  • Attributes: Wit: 30 | Physic: 25 | Charisma: 40

  • Likes: summer, fire, videogames, sports

  • Dislikes: water, reading

  • Biography: Scarlet is an energetic pyromancer who has a easy going nature, and will always be more than happy to talk, while not exactly the brightest of her family she makes up for with her control over fire and kind heart!

  • Skills: pyrokinesis, immunity to fire


[Name: Solas Hellraiser]

-- by Taintedcoil2 --

  • World: World of fire

  • Grade: A-6

  • Temperament: Greedy, smug, god complex,

  • Attributes: Wit: 45 | Physic: 30 | Charisma: 50

  • Likes: money, power, business,

  • Dislikes: Poverty, disobedience, being outclassed,

  • Biography: Solas is the most stuck-up member of his family while mostly driven by greed and power he will attempt to bribe others into doing his dirty work and if that wasn't bad enough he has a god complex, he is often bragging about how wealthy he is at least until he gets pranked by his sister Nova that is.

  • Skills: Pyrokinesis, immunity to fire, Skilled business man


[Name: Gaiana Nadi]

-- by CyberApfelkeks--

  • World: Biophyll Tech World πŸ€

  • Grade: A-5

  • Temperament: Shy

  • Attributes: Wit: 70 | Physic: 10 | Charisma: 20

  • Likes: walking in the sun on the school grounds, reading about ancient cultures

  • Dislikes: Is very cautious towards Lilith Inferno. Seeing living beings suffer.

  • Biography: Gaiana Nadi is known for her ability to quickly adapt to new situations and react spontaneously to changes. Their curiosity drives them to constantly search for new sources of knowledge and expand their knowledge. She is a valuable help in the library, where she supports other students in finding information and books. However, it is also sensitive to the weather and reacts sensitively to changes in the weather. Nevertheless, she is always friendly and willing to help others.

  • Skills: healing through photosynthesis, extraordinary memory


[Name: Nerida Coraline]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Atlantis tech WorldπŸ”±

  • Grade: A-5

  • Temperament: Regal

  • Attributes: Wit: 30 | Physic: 10 | Charisma: 60

  • Likes: ancient artifacts, sea creatures, praise

  • Dislikes: Surface-dwellers' ignorance about Atlantis, pollution of the oceans

  • Biography: Princess Nerida is a distinguished member of the Atlantean royal family. With her regal bearing and striking appearance she commands attention wherever she goes. Her intelligence, charisma, and strong connection to the underwater world make her a natural leader among her peers. her passion lies in preserving the mysteries of Atlantis and the sanctity of its oceans. She is an advocate for environmental conservation and takes great pride in her underwater heritage. As a royal student, she hopes to learn about other worlds and dimensions to bring fresh perspectives and solutions to Atlantis' challenges.

  • Skills: Hydrokinesis, Atlantean History, Singing


[Name: Selene Steelheart]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Chrome tech World πŸ”©

  • Grade: B-5

  • Temperament: Analytical

  • Attributes: Wit: 30 | Physic: 25 | Charisma: 30

  • Likes: Problem-solving, data analysis, literature, sweets,

  • Dislikes: Disorganization, impulsive decision-making

  • Biography: Selene Steelheart is a studious and detail-oriented student council member hailing from the highly organized Chrome World. Her analytical mind and ability to process information quickly make her an asset in her role. With her distinctive silver skin and hair, Selene is not only known for her dedication but also for her unique appearance that reflects her world's characteristics. Selene is passionate about order and efficiency. She excels at problem-solving and data analysis, often using her talents to find innovative solutions to challenges faced by the interdimensional academy. Her keen sense of organization and meticulous planning are essential in maintaining harmony among the diverse student body.

  • Skills: Data Analysis, Writing, Magnetism


[Name: Aelius Seraph]

-- by navimixu--

  • Attributes: Wit: 30 | Physic: 25 | Charisma: 40

  • Likes: Protecting his sister Elara, angelic traditions, martial training

  • Dislikes: Disobedience to angelic customs, threats to Elara's safety, Noise

  • Biography: Aelius Seraph is the epitome of stoic grace within the Angelic World. As an older brother, he takes his role as Elara's protector and guardian seriously. His striking good looks and charismatic presence have made him a popular figure among both his peers and other students at the academy.

  • Skills: Martial Mastery ,Leadership, Cooking


[Name: Lilith Inferno]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Demonic tech World 😈

  • Grade: C-9

  • Temperament: Playful

  • Attributes: Wit: 20 | Physic: 55 | Charisma: 25

  • Likes: Teasing people, fiery sparring matches, indulging in rich and spicy foods

  • Dislikes: Conformity, boredom, overly serious individuals

  • Biography: Lilith Inferno, a proud upperclassman from the Demonic World, exudes a fiery and playful aura that sets her apart from the crowd. Her mischievous nature and physical prowess make her notorious . She finds great amusement in playfully challenging their pride and ego, often leading to spirited competitions and sparring matches. Despite her teasing, she values camaraderie and is known for fiercely defending her friends.

  • Skills: Combat Mastery ,Fire Manipulation, Morphing


[Name: Elara Seraph]

-- by navimixu--

  • World: Blessed tech World πŸ•Š

  • Grade: A-1

  • Temperament: Pure-hearted

  • Attributes: Wit: 28 | Physic: 9 | Charisma: 18

  • Likes: Flying and moving while airborne, cats, ice cream

  • Dislikes: Scary things, conflict

  • Biography: Elara Seraph hails from the Angelic World, where purity of heart and kindness are valued above all else. She embodies these qualities wholeheartedly, with an unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of every being. Her gentle demeanor and soothing angelic presence have made her a beloved figure among her peers.

    Elara's true passion lies in the freedom of flight, and she often spends her time soaring through the skies, reveling in the sensation of moving gracefully while airborne. She is known to be shy around new people, but once she forms close connections, her playful and warm-hearted nature shines through.

  • Skills: Angelic Presence, Aerial Grace, Soothing Aura


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