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Free GPU Fooocus XL CoLab

Not So Automatic1111

Ahh. Those innocent heady days of free Automatic1111 on Google Colabs. In my case it meant a much faster and more stable network connection for model downloading and access to equipment that was better and faster than my own. Oh and I did mention it was free, right? 🥲🥳

...and then one day you go and click the magic CoLab 'play' button and nothing but a load of errors. Some Find Fu moves let you discover "that due to the high processing demands of blah blah blah" this service HAS BEEN REMOVED 😠 😡 🤬

Access to Automatic1111 may have been removed but as I pleasantly discovered Fooocus runs great on CoLabs, with no real difference between paid and free accounts.

So what can I do with this newly discovered super power of free GPU (apart from check out Stoked Reality XL of course </shameless plug>)???

Dataset Batches

Well, as I have just discovered it is "theoretically" possible <shameless disclaimer> 😉 However I do not suggest you try this 😉 </shameless disclaimer> to generate large datasets for free.

Say you had several free GMail accounts with accompanying GDrive accounts. Then just run this simple CoLab (see attached files) and you can generate 32 images with one click PER account. Also, as the CoLab specs are all the same each batch of 32 takes roughly the same amount of time.

I am using Brave browser with each different Gmail user GDrive open in an "New Incognito Window". Each Incognito window is running Fooocus and generating batches of 32.

Watch those datasets grow.

I have always wanted to try the generalisation method with training so can now use this system to get datasets put together more quickly.

I hope some of you find this of use.

Just discovered I can't upload .ipynb to 'Attachments'. So I will just link the Colab from my account - just copy it to your GDrive first. Hit the Play button and off you go.


CoLab been updated to download any XL model. Just copy and paste the desired model download link.

FOOOCUS COLAB >>> User Model & Fooocus on CoLab <<< CLICK HERE

I actually prefer some of the models without the Refiner, so if you want to turn off the Refiner (and speed up the generation process), you can find the dropdown menu option for this after you click on the "Advanced" box.

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