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Earth & Dusk is Moving to Patreon (From Ko-Fi)


We're Moving to Patreon!

In an exciting move to streamline our support system and offer even more benefits to our valued community, Earth & Dusk is transitioning from Ko-Fi to Patreon. This shift allows us to consolidate everything under one roof, providing our supporters with a seamless experience. Join us on Patreon and unlock exclusive merch, gain access to patron-only content, and explore our accessible membership tiers.

Our patrons deserve something special, which is why we are thrilled to offer exclusive merch as a token of our appreciation. From limited edition items to unique collectibles, our patrons will have access to an array of merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else. Show off your support for Earth & Dusk with pride!

As a patron on Patreon, you get exclusive access to a treasure trove of content. Dive deeper into our world as we share behind-the-scenes insights, early access to new projects, and exclusive updates. Immerse yourself in the creative process alongside us and be a part of the Earth & Dusk journey like never before.

We believe in providing options that cater to everyone's budget and level of support. Our membership tiers start as low as five dollars, ensuring that even the smallest contribution makes a meaningful impact. As you progress through the tiers, you'll unlock additional perks and benefits, making your membership even more rewarding. For those looking to make an extraordinary impact, we offer sponsorship levels beyond 100 USD that come with exclusive privileges.

Consistent membership support is crucial in helping us achieve our goals and create captivating content. By joining us on Patreon, you become an integral part of our mission. Your support enables us to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and bring innovative projects to life. Every contribution helps us take Earth & Dusk to new heights, and we are immensely grateful for your ongoing support.

We invite you to join us on Patreon and be a part of the Earth & Dusk community. With exclusive merch, patron-only content, and accessible membership tiers starting at just five dollars, there are options for everyone. By supporting us on Patreon, you not only gain access to exciting perks but also play a vital role in shaping the future of Earth & Dusk. Together, let's embark on this incredible journey and create something extraordinary!

Join us here:

PS: This does NOT mean we won't upload to Civitai at ALL, but we do need to give back to our supporters!

We've noticed SOME people don't want to use Patreon, so we'll be setting up Earth's ko-fi to handle their loras, but we will be having SOME MEMBERS ONLY on both ko-fi/patreon (as in we'll be sharing the members only content on both sites). Please make note, you're VALID and adored for only joining up for one month on either platform. Your donations and membership help us pay for Lora training, GPUs for when we make our content.

What else does it pay for?

To be honest?
It helps pay for outside of AI costs, it helps us be able to create more. We've been able to afford software this year that we needed for our exhibition, we helped Earth with their medical costs here and there. We actually were able to focus on paying off OUR medical costs easier this year.

Also low key, you know we make music -- so your funds help us create more in that area too.
So thank y'all for your support!