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Script to browse creator's gallery locally. And some general news.

Script to browse creator's gallery locally. And some general news.

Hello Everyone!

I've made today a small script for myself because I really need two things:

  • alphabetic sorting order

  • fast and responsive search

I like it so much and it satifies my needs, and I've figured other people may want such tool as well.

Currently it reads from a local javascript file (that contains json representation of all of my uploaded models, taken via Civitai API) so it is very fast (but it of course won't see any new models that I will upload later, at least not without modifying the file).

There is a search filter at the top so you can quickly check/limit to a certain name, you can filter out certain types of models. Clicking on an image opens the civitai model card in a new tab.

You can find the script in the attachments section. Download it, extract both files to one folder and just open localBrowser.html in your favorite browser.

So why do I write about this?

Well, I decided to spend a bit more time on in and add some additional features, but if you feel like this is something that works for you nicely, then I would add the following features so that this script could work with the accurate and current content.

The features that would be added:

  • fetch the data from Civitai (I do it with some code already in my other app, that is why I have this local file of my models)

  • ability to select any creator (so it would work not only on my models but anyone elses)

  • with the ability to "append" the data (so you could search through the models of multiple creators on one page)

  • sorting by other properties (createdAt, updatedAt, rating, downloads, creatorName)

  • include model versions (currently it shows only the latest version)

  • add a handy download icon for a model

  • add the version information (1.5, sdxl, etc)

Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in it (I will certainly implement some of the features for myself, but if there is need for this script then I will do the required features first and upload it to github)

Other, unrelated info:

I have already mentioned this on my coffee page ( but I've got (borrowed) a nice PC that I will be able to utilize for SDXL training. It's a nice box that has two RTX 3090 24 GB Vram cards so as soon as I set it up - I'll be doing some SDXLs on top of the LoRA/LoCon that I'm currently doing.

And I will be able to also finetune checkpoint with some cool data so this means at some point there should be Serenity v2 as well :-)

And as usual, if you're happy with the stuff that I'm doing and would like to support my creations, or you want a specific model to be made - you can always visit my coffee page :)