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GIF to PNG Frame Extractor


GIFsplit: GIF to PNG Frame Extractor

GIFsplit_v1 05

Check it out here on my Github! 👋


This script accepts GIF file(s) as input, then processes them by traversing through each frame in the GIF while saving them as separate PNG images. The output images are stored in a newly created directory that shares the name of the input GIF file.

🚩Usage Instructions

Download the executable version ✨

Clone the Python script 🐍

  • You can run run the program in one of 3 ways:

    • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop your GIF(s) onto the .exe file.

    • File Dialog: Just double-click the executable and it will open a file dialog where you can choose your GIF(s).

    • Command Line: Example: ./GIFsplit.exe "gif 1.gif" "gif 2.gif" "gif 3.gif"...

This page will not be updated as frequently as the github page, some info may be out of date.