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Openpose SDXL WORKING in AUTOMATIC1111 Guide !


You will need this Plugin:

We need to make sure the depends are correct, ControlNet specifies opencv >= 4.8.0 , this would not install for me on Windows 11 using Pip so I did it manually, here's how:

  1. Download from here


  2. Place the downloaded file in your Stable Diffusion folder

  3. Activate the venv from your Automatic folder with powershell: .\venv\Scripts\Activate

  4. In the same powershell: pip install opencv_python-

Next we need to download the SDXL openpose file from here:

It is the only one that I can get to work;

Make sure the pre-processor is set to none and it seems to work best at 0.8 - 1.2 Control Weight with Balanced control mode

You can find some poses here:


Accepting Commisions!