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My Unity games with IA graphics and Windows tools that use Stable Diffusion (installed Locally)

My Unity games with IA graphics and Windows tools that use Stable Diffusion (installed Locally)

Few months ago I started to enjoy the possibilities with AI technology and I started to use it on little games and Tools.

Oxigen Crisis on the Moon was my first little game made in 2 days it is a game made in Unity for a Game Jam with Bing Image graphics edited with Krita.

Mecha City Fighter was another game made for a Jam, the graphics were made with Stable Diffusion and Bing + Krita and Unity animations:

Then I decided to update some old game with Stable Diffusion Graphics , it was a huge improvement for my game "Little Planet Defense 2" :

Then I decided to make a little game similar to Gals Panic, I use Stable Diffusion and ControlNet to create 6 levels with 20 images each in, you have to destroy the top image to display the one in the bottom.

Lately I decided to create some tools to speed up my process or creating images for my games:

1° Windows Tool : MR Stable Diffusione Background Remover. . I will replace many points of color with transparent. It reads a folder, you can setup the stable diffusion folder. Also the program uses the API to call stable diffusion locally and generate images directly. You can save and restore your prompts.

2° Windows Tool : MR Visual TaleForge it uses the OPENAI API to generate Text and Stable Diffusion(locally) to generate Illustrated books in PDF.

3° Windows Tool : MR Stable Diffusion Prompt Cycle.

You can adjust the weight of your prompt, it will generate many images with Stable Diffusion changing the weight of some words:

I hope somebody Enjoy them. Leave some comments and help to improve them.

All software is free to download and to use.