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My Unity games with IA graphics and Windows tools that use Stable Diffusion (installed Locally)


Few months ago I started to enjoy the possibilities with AI technology and I started to use it on little games and Tools.

Oxigen Crisis on the Moon was my first little game made in 2 days it is a game made in Unity for a Game Jam with Bing Image graphics edited with Krita.

Mecha City Fighter was another game made for a Jam, the graphics were made with Stable Diffusion and Bing + Krita and Unity animations:

Then I decided to update some old game with Stable Diffusion Graphics , it was a huge improvement for my game "Little Planet Defense 2" :

Then I decided to make a little game similar to Gals Panic, I use Stable Diffusion and ControlNet to create 6 levels with 20 images each in, you have to destroy the top image to display the one in the bottom.

Lately I decided to create some tools to speed up my process or creating images for my games:

1° Windows Tool : MR Stable Diffusione Background Remover. . I will replace many points of color with transparent. It reads a folder, you can setup the stable diffusion folder. Also the program uses the API to call stable diffusion locally and generate images directly. You can save and restore your prompts.

2° Windows Tool : MR Visual TaleForge it uses the OPENAI API to generate Text and Stable Diffusion(locally) to generate Illustrated books in PDF.

3° Windows Tool : MR Stable Diffusion Prompt Cycle.

You can adjust the weight of your prompt, it will generate many images with Stable Diffusion changing the weight of some words:

I hope somebody Enjoy them. Leave some comments and help to improve them.

All software is free to download and to use.