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Select command-line arguments when starting AUTOMATIC1111's sd-webui


Check it out here on my Github! 👋

For more information on command-line arguments that can be used in this .bat file, please refer to this wiki page.

AUTOMATIC1111 sd-webui - Command-Line Arguments and Settings

How to use

Simply place the webui-user-selector.bat file in the "stable-diffusion-webui" folder and double-click it.

There's no need to replace the original webui-user.bat file.

🍰 EASY: Edit/Add/Remove Options

  1. Download the included Python script, and run it once to create the settings template.

  2. Edit the webui-user-selector_settings.txt file with the options you want.

    • Follow the provided pattern (it's easy).

    • You can simply copy the Option blocks or delete them; just make sure they're numbered correctly.

    • Use AND to run another command, like call git pull.

  3. When you're done, run the Python script again to create/edit the webui-user-selector.bat file.

⛰️ HARD: Edit/Add/Remove Options

Please see these instructions for manually changing menu options.

This page will not be updated as frequently as the github page, some info may be out of date.