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How to prevent LoRAs from affecting the faces in your images? - simple tutorial


We all use LoRA models, small files that lets us customize the image with prompts that our checkpoints don't understand. Unfortunately very often when for ex. using some clothing model, the clothes generate perfect but faces on the person in the image are deformed or affected by the LoRA. This quick tutorial will help you fix it.

ADetailer installation

Firstly install the ADetailer extension for your A1111 WebUI. To do that go to "extensions" tab, then to "install from URL", copy the link below and click install. Lastly change tab to "Installed" and click "Apply and restart UI".

ADetailer settings

Using ADetailer itself without changing any settings gets rid of any deformed faces. What about LoRAs affecting faces? To fix it we need to change inpainting settings. Go to txt2img tab, scroll down to ADetailer and click the little arrow next to it. The most important thing now is to change the positive prompt. You don't want to have LoRA in it. Just prompts defining style or quality of the image and prompts defining person's face. Another recommended tweak is to increase "Inpaint denoising strength" in "Inpainting". I prefer to change it to ~0.5 (the higher denoising strength, the more steps will be used in inpainting). You can see the example prompts below.

Example main possitive prompt:

masterpiece, best quality, (photorealistic:1.4), __location__, full body, a photo of beautiful woman, blonde hair, __hair-female__ hair, skinny, blue eyes, smiling, leopard print, shirt, <lora:leopardprintclothingv1:1>

Example ADetailer possitive prompt:

masterpiece, best quality, (photorealistic:1.4), blue eyes, smiling

That's all!

Pretty simple, huh? I hope this quick tutorial helped and now you will always create perfect faces on your images!