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R-ESRGAN-AnimeVideo-UI (reav-ui)


R-ESRGAN-AnimeVideo-UI (reav-ui)

Upscale your videos using the R-ESRGAN AnimeVideo model

Check it out here on my Github! 👋

reav-ui app_sample

Usage 📝

  • Run the R-ESRGAN-AnimeVideo-UI.pyw Python script to launch the UI.

  • Select a video file that you want to upscale.

  • Follow the steps labeled in the UI.

Note: The Upscale and Merge operations delete the previous frames by default. If you want to keep the frames, make sure to enable the Keep Frames option.

After upscaling, you have the option to scale the frames back down to their original size.

Currently only mp4, avi, mkv, are supported.

Why? 🤷

Why use this over an application like Chainner, or Topaz Video AI?

While both applications are undoubtedly more than capable, (among others I'm sure) I found xinntao's implementation is extremely fast compared to Chainner. And of course free is always better than Topaz Video AI's high cost.

Other upscale models are popular, but realesr-animevideov3 remains a favorite of mine for multiple reasons.

  • It's very fast.

  • While it does have somewhat heavy smoothing, it doesn't totally destroy fine details like grain.

  • In my opinion it has superb line reconstruction compared to others like RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6B

Check out these upscale comparisons.

Requirements 🚩

Running the script will automatically fulfill all requirements.

The pillow library will be downloaded and installed (if not already available) upon first launch.

ffmpeg and ffprobe are included in the package and will be extracted upon first launch.

Credits 👥

ffmpeg -