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_Envy_'s Image Contest 01: Ending Sunday October 15th


Quick edit: The title originally specified that this contest would be ending on "Friday October 15th". The 15th is actually Sunday, so that's when we'll be ending. Good luck to everyone participating!

Hey folks!

I'd like to see more images using my resources, so I figured I'd run a little contest. The rules are simple: Post one or more images on Civit using any of my resources (lora, checkpoint, wildcards, etc) and post a link to it as a reply to this thread. On Midnight GMT on Friday 10/15, the image with the highest number of hearts and thumbs up will be the winner of the contest. I'll train a LoRA or Lycoris (SD 1.5 and/or SDXL) at the winner's request (with a couple of conditions) and post it here on civit. Feel free to submit as many images as you want!

The conditions are:

  • The request must comply with CivitAI's TOS.

  • Nothing imitating the style of a real artist, no likenesses of real people, no hardcore porn (nudity is fine), no gore, and nothing intended to troll other people. Anything else is fair game (characters, art styles, objects, aesthetics, concepts, and so on).

  • There need to be enough images of the thing you want me to train on. 20+ is fine for SDXL and 50+ should work for 1.5.

  • Obviously I can't guarantee it'll come out well, but I'll try multiple training methods and upload the best result.

  • It's okay to use resources by other people, as long as at least one of them is by me.

  • In the event of a tie, I'll cast the tie breaking vote.