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A 99% automatized pipeline to construct character pack training set from anime



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Preparing data for your fine-tuned model may seem hard. It seems to become even harder for character pack, especially if you use anime sources which do not come with built-in character tags. However, anime is a good source for training for its high consistency, and with this project, all you need is to run

python \
    --start_stage 1 \
    --end_stage 7 \
    --src_dir /path/to/video_dir \
    --dst_dir /path/to/dataset_dir \
    --character_ref_dir /path/to/ref_image_dir \
    --image_type screenshots \
    --image_prefix my_favorite_anime \
    --log_prefix my_favorite_anime

Building a character pack dataset is now as easy as pie!

More details can be found in the GitHub repository. As I only use Linux, there can be bug if you use Windows but contributions are welcome.

This project is largely inspired by the fully automatic process of narugo1992.

Models trained with this pipeline