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Earth & Dusk: Discord AI Generation Contests


OH BOY, so our discord seems fairly dead lately, and we wanted to revive it a bit more. If you're interested in contests we've had a few attempts to do it, but recently just nobody's been picking up on it.

We don't have a LOT OF funds for prizes but i'm sure we can cook some cool prizes up.

We've got one running that NOBODY has completed so let's start with that one!

Our FIRST THEME IS: MULTIVERSE What brings to mind when you think of "MULTIVERSE" Is it aliens? Is it CAT GIRLS? Astronauts? Programming?

Seem up your alley way? Want to join in?
We run them ABOUT every 2-3 weeks because there's been barely any interest and we haven't pushed it as well (this one was announced in April) - and now we're more popular on here we're re-running this!

That's our verified discord link, come in, grab an AI art role, come hang out - share your gens - and if you're a MODEL CREATOR? COME ADVERTISE YOUR CONTENT!

The rules:


No 18+ sex acts

No stealing other's images.


Bikinis and "SEXY ATTIRE" are like totally fine, and if you're doing a superhero in a body suit just make sure it's like something you'd find on a usual comic cover. (This like just means if you're doing something like Lady Death, keep her covered lol)

Current prizes are up in the air, as the original prizes were NOT very well thought out.

We CAN guarantee that at least this for first prize:
Lora training by either Earthnicity or Duskfallcrew

(Concept that we'd train FOR you but upload on our profiles, and we'd mark it being from the contest winner pool)

THIS would be for the TOP 5

FIRST PRIZE on top of that will get a 10$ USD donation to Ko-Fi.
(We'd do more but we're not EXACTLY fluid with money)

All top submissions will be featured in an E&D Blog post, as well as on CivitAI.

We'll be reaching out to our sponsors for future contests.

So if you're INTERESTED in joining in our discord for more contest shenanigans, both SDXL and SD 1.5? (HELL you CAN even in our contests run Midjourney, we have Blue Willow and Midjourney installed in our discord) - Just keep in mind that ONLY SD outputs that have PNG info can be read by our prompts bot! :)

In case you are aware there are some rules around how our server works as it's not entirely AI, it's also for Earth & Dusk situating itself as Non Profit. We're aware that our server is not as open as others, and we respect that. We also expect you to respect the safety rules and regulations as you walk in the door. We also want you to enjoy yourself and have fun. IF suddenly a bot or moderator has removed you, and you need to request information on why please feel free to DM with respect and professional language :3