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Comparing Natural Captions with SDXL vs DALL-E 3: Not All That Bad


Images generated from SDXL and DALL-E 3 are logged in this Google Doc. I might add more in the future.

Training anime models with Booru tags is common practice, but the inherent ambiguity of the tag-based captioning can be troublesome at times and necessitates a richer language. I asked GPT4-V (Bing) to generate some image captions from some handpicked images and used the same captions to generate images with SDXL (Clipdrop) and DALL-E 3 (Bing Image Creator). Some thoughts/observations:

  • Though not quite at the same level as DALL-E 3, you can go quite far with natural captions with SDXL in some cases. I'm surprised at how accurate the gens get with the hanging lights image.

  • SDXL struggles with more complex prompts. It's still better than random though.

  • DALL-E 3's safety checker is way too aggressive, frequently blocking innocuous prompts.

  • GPT4-V's captioning seems to follow a certain template.

  • Like most language models, GPT4-V hallucinates.

  • Bing blurring faces is annoying.

This shows that training anime models with natural language is a reasonable option (as some seems to have already done). Hope we get more base models following this direction.