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Model Resource List: Earth & Dusk's Resource Back Catalogue


While this list isn't a TRUE :"BACKMIX & USED" list, it's largely because you pool from so many sources, forget to note them down and panic.


I introduce the forum post that has all of this as we're trying to start tracking more:

This doesn't excuse times that we haven't been able to track everything, but it's becoming harder to list ALL OF THE MODELS we used.

We believe in transparency and attempting our best to track everything we use.

This is also the "Things we've liked, and enjoyed" - things we need to probably go back and rate list.

We use chat GPT to sort it cause we're not doing it by hand LOL.

This is NOT a "CHARACTER" or LINK list for packs, we'll largely probably copy over certain content like that as well to the forums (as well as keep updating the ones on here)