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Another Turning of the Wheel - The Wheel of Time


Hello Everyone,

With the Cyberpunk contest in full swing, I thought it would be a fun experiment to do more than one character for the contest that were related in theme. And as a huge fantasy book fan I figured what would be better than the Edmond's Field Five from Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson's) epic series "The Wheel of Time"

Most of my time with SD is spent making files for Civ and rarely do I sit down and make alot of generations anymore. So I thought this would be a nice change from the usual stuff I produce.

To make the Five, I built 5 loras for SDXL of the main cast of Amazon Prime's Adaptation of the book series. These are currently unpublished loras, but if I choose to refine them more, they might get posted here.

And what better series to reimagine as Cyberpunk than one that repeats across time periods without end... So without further ado I give you the Edmond's Field Five.... in the future!

WARNING, there are spoilers to the book series hidden in these images and text all the way up to Book 14 Towers of Midnight. So if you are just a TV show watcher or not up to the penultimate book be warned.

Nynaeve Al'Meara, The Yellow Goddess of the Streets, rebel medic, outcast from the WhiteTower. org. Known ally of the Doomsday Messiah figure known as The Dr4g0n R3b0rn

Egwene Al'Vere, youngest ever CAO (Chief Amyrlin Officer) of WhiteTower. org, a Servant of All Foundation. She controls the Board of Sitters, three members from each of the foundations departments. Has known ties to the Doomsday Messiah figure known as The Dr4g0n R3b0rn

Perrin Aybara, a.k.a "The Smith" or as he is known on the streets "Le Lupe Garou" . His ferocity in battle is unmatched, while rumors persist that he possess an unnatural connection to the wolves that are often seen around him. Never far from his side is the mechanized replica of a Dire Wolf, that his most adamant followers claim houses the "spirit" of a dead wolf named Hopper.

The terrorist Matrim Cauthon, known as "The Prince of Ravens". Leader of the paramilitary group "The Band of the Red Hand". Direct ties with the Doomsday Messiah figure called The Dr4g0n R3b0rn. Said to be in possession of a WMD so great it is only referred to by the code name "The Horn"

and lastly....

The Doomsday Messiah figure known as The Dr4g0n R3b0rn. Considered by many to both be a savior of the world and it's destroyer, Rand Al'Thor is without a doubt the most dangerous man alive. Reports from inside his growing cadre of believers is that his sanity is fraying, with many wondering how long before his mental state starts a cataclysm of epic proportions. Do not approach, under any circumstances.

Hope you enjoyed my entries into the cyberpunk contest of the cast of Amazon Prime's "The Wheel of Time".

Until later,

Snort, Snort, Spin...