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Synchronize LoRA bookmarks on the Civitai and Notion, as well as to download them automatically

Jun 05, 2023
tool guide

I have already written everything need in the repository

I'll just summarize the gist here

Since I use Invokeai, I had problems with the name of the models (Invokeai gives an error if there are spaces in the name), after that it became difficult for me to remember trigger words, to remember what I had already downloaded and what it looks like.

My notebook with notes turned into a chthonic monster, I already had more than 3000 LoRA, the drop-down list made my browser freeze and I realized that it couldn't go on like this

I created a script that automatically adds Civitai bookmarks to Notion, prescribes trigger words, loads a thumbnail and save the name of your model, so you can use the powerful Notion search, see your notes and then just copy the name of the model file to the prompt and get the result

I always search by tags or image previews

The script itself will find new bookmarks that you haven't downloaded yet and that aren't in Notion yet, after add them to Nation and downloading them to your stable diffusion folder

Well, I hope someone finds this useful