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Local Exhibition Opening Success!


Sorry for this being entirely random - this is CIVITAI related, and it is i ENTIRELY promise you - AI related.

Local Exhibition Opening Success!

INDX is an Autism Arts Aotearoa local exhibition that happens roughly every year (sometimes there's a gap). We've had art every year since 2018, and THIS YEAR?

Oh, we decided to add two pictures from Animated Nightmare from it. (BEFORE of course we found out it wasn't NEARLY as good as we thought it was LOL.)

As you know, our start from back as early as MAY was to start PREPPING to get better and better as much as possible at not just our own art, but AI art. This wasn't just "to get sponsorships and be the idiot in the top 10 for isometric models." - no, this was because we needed something comparable, proud enough to show off at an exhibition.

Something we were entirely HAPPY with.

And we still are.

We've removed any "PERSONAL INFO" on these two things, but we'll have better photos later on our website. (it's not like the name we use is our legal one, just that we figured it's not fair on CivitAi to have our chosen name running around.)

Two of the pics are NON AI, which are pieces that REGULARLY have been in our Loras, and we've been fusing our loras into our checkpoints now for months.

This isn't the end, no we won't be retiring now- we just spent all day porting some of our 1.5 loras to SDXL for you nerds. GEESH!

Below are the two pics from the exhibition of our stuff, and we're happy to share it with you!

Exhibition Photos:

Animated Nightmare / AI PICS:

The two AI pics we used are here:

These are from Dusk's Animated Nightmare (our version) - which is funny because Earth's and the Simon's iced up nightmare are FAR more stable. (Same with Envy beetle's update lol)


Anyways also included was the Ai commission we did for an English VA of a video game:

Alisae Ai & Edit

(come to think of it i probably should have watermarked it but whatever XD)

I DO NOT remember which model that came from, other than it being one of the first Alisae loras we did last month, which also weirdly - we actually HAND edited it because we don't understand controlnet for the life of us.



This was just a THANK YOU note to our supporters here on CivitAI, we know we don't get a chance to thank everyone often -but from earth and dusk BOTH (Earthnicity & us) - we thank you for your UTTER support these last few months.

You're helping some really interesting dreams come true.

(Which of course, is too hard to explain, leave me alone I haven't finished eating my dinner yet while writing this, xD - We've already introduced our website, we'll do it again soon -- we'll get more content on there soon - I"m tired, I need relax.... well no I need to finish testing the SDXL loras GAH!!!!)



Thank you to our supporters.

Thank you to our haters, no joke - without haters, there is no growth and learning.

(When we say we'll gladly take a 3 star with honesty over a random 5 star, we mean it, we're not here to be #1 - we're here to learn, and make amazing content for people to use!)