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Shadow Skitty - OC Pokemon Experiement

Shadow Skitty - OC Pokemon Experiement

In today's experiment we are going to make a Lora for an OC Pokemon with only 8 images!!

Disclaimer: this is not a guide its more like my research notes. I was able to create a good Lora with this example but it may not be so easy depending on the complexity of another project

Credits to the original arts:

OC design by Onemegawatt -

3D model by Pauline De Houwer -


  1. Find/Create a 3D model for your OC

  2. Collect a few images that can can quickly be edited to look like your OC

  3. Screenshot the 3D model for a few different angles: Front, side, back, close use, far away, etc

  4. Collect any already existing art of this OC if they exist and/or use AI to generate some pictures

  5. Make simply edits to existing art to make it look like your OC (it doesn't need to look perfect the AI just needs an idea of what to make)

  6. Train Lora with Dataset!

Step 3 - Screenshot 3D model

Here are the screenshots I took of the 3D model

Full resolution picture:

Step 4 - Already existing art and AI generated art

On the left, you can see the OC art that started it all

On the right, you can see I did a simple AI image to image to clean up the lines of one of the 3D Model screenshots.

Full resolution picture:

Link to the art by Onemegawatt: *

*unfortunate;y I can't find the original post so here is a link to the artist's twitter:

Step 5 - Simple Edits

Here you can see I simply used bucket fill to recolor the images (The pink color palettes is Skitty's official colors).

I did draw in the fangs and purple spikes on Skitty's tail but as you can see its really sloppy.

On the left is the existing art, on the right are my simply edits

Full resolution picture:

Step 6 - Training and Conclusions

Most of my Pokemon/Create Loras are trained with these settings

Epochs: 10

Number of Repeats: 10

Network Dim: 32

Alpha: 16 (Alpha is usually half of the Dim)

Flip Aug: true

As you can see my Shadow Skitty looks more fluffy than the original Skitty: this is by design but its possibly due to the fact that the outlines in the edits are not very precise. Like I said in step 5 I was pretty sloppy with my edits and the AI may have interpreted this as "fuzzy hair"

I've said this before in other experiment notes but I'll reiterate it: the key to success on this was the 3D model.

3D models are essential for getting lots of good pictures and angles.

Closing Comments

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Also please consider liking and posting pictures of my Shadow Skitty Lora: