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Civitai on-site Currency, Buzz!

Civitai on-site Currency, Buzz!

As a first step in making Civitai more rewarding for community members, we’re excited to introduce our exclusive on-site currency, Buzz!

What can we do with Buzz?

  • Tip your favorite creators! Share your Buzz with other creators to show your appreciation of their work.

  • Post Bounties! Need a service, but don’t have the time or knowledge to achieve it? Post a Bounty with a Buzz reward and have the Community help you out.

  • Train LoRA! You can spend your Buzz to train LoRA with the Civitai on-site LoRA Trainer! The LoRA trainer is a great way to create your own models if you don’t have the required hardware, or know-how, to train locally. Now, with a little Buzz, you can let our infrastructure do the hard work – creating anything you can imagine, via a simple wizard!

  • The Civitai Image Generator will remain FREE to use, for the immediate future. In time, some planned elements (such as Upscaling, or advanced plugins) may require Buzz.

For more information on how to get and use Buzz, see our Guide to Buzz!