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Poll Announcement - Fictional Character Poll - IV (A New Stable Diffusion)


Dear all,

the last winners were: Prince Eric, Jake Sully, Tullio & Miguel, Tadashi Hamada, Wasabi no Ginger, Hercules and Creedo Characters. Almost done! I had several tied characters in the final ranking, which I will try to finish ASAP. Here there is the new character poll. The winners will be the characters that I will create in early November. I give you ~20 + "Other" option (you can put ONE suggestion there, I will ignore the other options where there are multiple characters all together). To avoid ties I reduced the votes to cast to a max of 3 (you can vote 1 to a max of 3 characters).

I will pick the character(s) that received AT LEAST 5 votes and that have finished in the first 5 positions. In case of tied characters I will select the one I like the most (don't worry I will propose the discarded character in the next poll :-D )

Best (and wish you a spooky Halloween/All Saints Day/Día de los muertos),