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Directory of all 'Tales of' resources on Civitai


Found some Tales LoRAs out there that didn't have the tags tracing back to its games, so I figured I'd make an organized list to make them all easier to find.

I listed the major characters for each game, even if they don't have a LoRA out there yet (maybe someone could use this as ideas for LoRAS to train 👀). Also I haven't played all games, so apologies if any important characters were left out. Do let me know if that's the case.

Anyway, I'll try to keep this updated every now and then, so if there's anything missing, feel free to leave a comment with the link to it! 😃

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Destiny (empty)

  • Stahn Aileron

  • Rutee Katrea

  • Leon Magnus

  • Philia Felice

  • Garr Kelvin

  • Mary Argent

  • Chelsea Torn

  • Karyl Sheeden

  • Bruiser Khang

Not a single ToD 1 character on Civitai, wow.

Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Eternia

  • Reid Hershel

  • Farah Oersted (justTNP)

  • Meredy

  • Keele Zeibel

  • Rassius Luine

  • Chat

  • Max

Well, there's one here at least.

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (empty)

  • Emil Castagnier

  • Marta Lualdi

  • Richter Abend

  • Alice

  • Decus

No love for DotNW, sad :(

(I might try making some of those in the future if I ever get the hang of making LoRAs, but don't count on it)

Tales of Rebirth (empty)

  • Veigue Lungberg

  • Claire Bennett

  • Mao

  • Eugene Gallardo

  • Annie Barrs

  • Tytree Crowe

  • Hilda Rhambling

  • Agarte Lindblum

Nothing again, dang.

Tales of Legendia (empty)

  • Senel Coolidge

  • Shirley Fennes

  • Will Raynard

  • Chloe Valens

  • Norma Beatty

  • Moses Sandor

  • Jay

  • Grune

This one I'm actually very surprised to see empty.

Tales of the Abyss

  • Luke fon Fabre

  • Tear Grants (novowels)

  • Jade Curtiss (Vanadis)

  • Guy Cecil

  • Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (justTNP)

  • Ion

  • Asch

  • Arietta

  • Legretta

  • Largo

  • Dist

  • Van Grants

At least this isn't empty, but still surprised at the lack of some fan-favorites.

Tales of the Tempest (empty)

  • Caius Qualls

  • Rubia Natwick

  • Tilkis Barone

  • Forest Ledoyen

  • Arria Ekberg

Well, I kinda expected this one to be empty tbh.

Tales of Innocence R (empty)

  • Ruca Milda

  • Illia Animi

  • Spada Belforma

  • Ange Serena

  • Ricardo Soldato

  • Hermana Larmo

  • QQ Selezneva

  • Kongwai Tao

Another empty one, sad.

Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Hearts R (empty)

  • Kor Meteor

  • Kohaku Hearts

  • Hisui Hearts

  • Ines Lorenzen

  • Beryl Benito

  • Kunzite

  • Chalcedony Akerman

  • Gall Gruner

Kinda expected this one to be empty too.

Tales of Graces f

Tales of Xillia & Xillia 2

VERY surprised at the lack of Muzét honestly.

Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Berseria

Tales of Arise

Mobile Games

  • Tales of Luminaria: Celia Arvier (novowels)



  • October 23, 2023: List created.