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What not to look for when getting sponsorships


Hi i'd like to pay you in exposure.

DO NOT let anyone pay you in "EXPOSURE". It's one thing if a site cannot afford to pay you. but if their words say "EXPOSURE" Then no.

You're worth more than exposure.

This is "THINKDIFFUSION" by the way, i'm sure they're a valid site and i'm sure they mean well - but let's be honest here - Marketing your company that's been around for MONTHS now to go "PAY IN EXPOSURE"...

You could go "We're not able to pay for sponsorship but we'd like to offer you free trials to our website beyond what normal users get."

Rather than, "We have your whole catalogue, can't pay you - exposure".

BE CAREFUL, because not everyone understands what english versions of "EXPOSURE" means. It's not a problem if they may want our content, and if someone can't afford sponsorship - I don't need training credits, I need "testing" credits lol.

GPU rental at Think Diffusion isn't any more expensive than Vast, and "free training credits" - I get that with CivitAI with buzz. I use colab for some of my freelance work, and still have lora training abilities with that.

You figure i'm considered unemployed, on a disability benefit - I'm unable to find concrete work in any field because Autism, CPTSD, ADHD -- and 40. So paying me in free training credits and "EXPOSURE" doesn't quite help.

And in honesty, there are sites that have given me a free trial to their whole platform, or at least OFFERED. One site didnt know i couldn't program and TRIED TO FORCE THEIR PROGRAMMERS into giving me a way into deploying my content. It was adorable, I value their valiant effort!!! That's the spirit of putting effort in when you can't afford monetary payment.


Sites that are doing this without sponsoring, and doing it without asking, and not respecting permissions: Cut it out.

There's a ton of y'all that have reached out TIRELESSLY (besides this guy who just commented on a lora) - and made attempts.

Mine isn't as much of a worry, but there's sites out there from six months ago stealing top creator content that's not permissive of being used on generative or other sites - especially commercially!!