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Epic Mix Line Announcement

Oct 24, 2023

Not the "epiC" line that is valid that we were inspired by, but the numbered lines that didn't need to be named that from the start.

From today.

We are doing back to developing the Demonic/Kilkenny lines along with Poltergeist mix.

We want to create a consistent style in those lines, and move away from the "This is anime, this is pastel" of those ones - We'll attempt to do "THE SAME" I guess with Post it Note, Demonic Squirrel etc - but we're bored of Epic Mix and need to move on.

Please feel free to have a funeral.

(I'm just kidding, it's not like i'm archiving them.)

This also means that we're going to push harder and make things more different at all times possible, because we're nerds.

That doesn't mean we're quitting doing WAIFU style models.

Earthnicity's actually taking the cake on that, just wait until they come dropping their new stuff!!