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AegisFlow XL and 1.5: a professional-use, project-oriented ComfyUI workflow

AegisFlow XL and 1.5: a professional-use, project-oriented ComfyUI workflow

AegisFlow is a project-oriented workflow designed for those needing to auto-generate assets for various concepts in a system that handles project/file naming automatically and keeps ideas organizable. It is sectionally arranged, and many sections can be muted while searching for just the right seed/conditioning/settings.

Then re-enable the sections to generate palettes, lineart, post-processed, and other outputs when you're ready.

It has a 22+ page (and growing) manual that explains its use clearly and professionally, and is a good resource for understanding basic SD features and principles. Check it out here.

Most items are switch-controlled; no more wiring and rewiring as if you're using an old analog synth rack.

For Example, (3) below enables or disabled the iterative upscaler.

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The best way to fight back against the bugs is to check out the 22-page AegisFlow manual located at GitHub or get the workflow at Gumroad

Need it preconfigured on Digital Delivery?

I now have a custom installation with everything you need for sale on Gumroad for $15. This will allow you to download a couple zips and models, unzip and start generating immediately, no configuration required.

The total download is ~14gb for the base system, and an additional ~80gb of model files. This includes compatible, known working components so that you have no red nodes on start, etc.

I also maintain the downloads (which don't change locations) so that you can always re-download the latest and greatest. You'll get an email telling you about major additions, features and updates, so there's no need for you to check or configure stuff.

I'm also continually extending the workflow and adding in utility workflows as well. Updates will include all these, while the base free workflow will not.

Need it preconfigured on USB?

The workflow DOES require a large amount of dependencies, and they aren't something that can easily be distributed as a package, at over 80gb before adding checkpoints and LoRAs. In response, I do offer a 256gb MicroSD card that has an out-of-box experience for those with a bit more cash than time. It comes with a fully functioning Windows ComfyUI install, all dependencies, extra stuff, and of course the workflows, all neatly arranged and organized. I test every card before it leaves to ensure that all files copied well and that you'll be able to generate right away.


As of now (v.a4), this workflow is MIT licensed. You are welcome to install it, use it, extend it, or change it in any way, for any purpose that the MIT license allows. I'd prefer that you don't just download it and resell it as is, or pretend you made it, but I can't stop you either :). If I see abuse of this, I might modify the licensing but in general I want to keep the open spirit of the Ai community, while also making money for myself and family. Thanks!