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StableDiffusion Dreams of (1500 none exists female characters)


HTML gallery of ~1500 female characters of SD consciousness by random 1word prompts.

Each character is formed from a random nonsense word scaning by brutforcing the SD, using just one word for the prompt. Without negative and other positive additions.

Scanning was carried out in the context of the Cyberrealistic 3.1-3.3 model

Some characters are stable and can be used in many models.

Some are only sustainable in the context of Cyberrealism.

Some are not so much a specific character as they are the key to an entire character style.

Generate at your own risk, taking into account that no deep study of each prompt was carried out and since these are SD mind keys, they can produce side effects.

It was not tested too strictly for the presence of NSFW content, so generate with the expectation that each mindkey can contain more variations than just a female character, including adult content (as well as any monsters, although this is not a common occurrence).

Many of the keys can be combined by playing with the weight and getting intermediate characters.

The gallery comes in the form of a static HTML page, with a built-in list of pictures.

Each picture corresponds to a specific mind key, which is displayed in the top text field and is also highlighted when navigating in the right panel with a list of all characters.

better for test it is start from just one mindkey word to be sure that you get what you looking for.

zip with html page in attachments.