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ComfyUI Template | Image to Interactive Avatar (For Developer) by @heiume

Nov 29, 2023

Workflow Download

  • Simple eyeblink and talking

Custom Nodes Used

Avatar Graph: Mesh building your image to avatar

Workflow Guide

  1. Click "Edit prompt"


  1. Remove all Green point & Red point preset

  2. Add your image point

  • Left Mouse Click (Green point): for selected

  • Right Mouse Click (Red point): for neg area

Click Quene Prompt one time

You can check the result in the preview window and also can click "Share Avatar" to get the id

->Avatar id: 3f28b9dd-f2c2-41d4-9149-ce74bdf02da3

For developers, check this page to use avatar SDK with your Interactive avatar on the website.

✨Please let me know if you have any questions!✨

My discord - heiume studio

My Twitter: