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ComfyUI VAE Chooser Node


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Hi All,

I've just made a Custom Node for ComfyUI to be able to take 2 VAE inputs and choose 1 as the output.

I found that some models (with baked in VAE) are working great, just dragging the VAE output to the VAE Decode node. However, some were washing out the image colours upon decoding (I assume because no VAE baked in).

So, ideally what I wanted was something that would take the VAE input from the Load Checkpoint node, and take an input from Load VAE node. Then, ideally, I would like a checkbox that says "override model VAE". Then, if that is not selected, then just use the VAE from the Load Checkpoint node. If it is selected, use the one from the Load VAE node.

Because I have no idea what I'm doing, I just basically made it take VAE1 & VAE2 & then have a choice of VAE1/2, then basically you can just select which you want to use. Functionally, it works the same as my original ideal idea. Just not aesthetically how I would like it to be. Not even sure if that is possible though.

I'm relatively new to SD as a whole, and very new to ComfyUI (28/10/2023).

Feel free to use, give me a like if you liked it. If you have any better knowledge of creating custom nodes for ComfyUI and my original ideal idea is actually possible, let me know with a comment.