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A little update, lots of embeddings, finetuning, etc

Oct 29, 2023
A little update, lots of embeddings, finetuning, etc

Hey all!

My holiday time is over so I'm going back to business :)

First, I would like to announce that while I was away, my Embeddings were bravely being trained and after over 12 days all were completed.

I'm quite happy with the results for the majority of them, you can see a quick sample selection here:

I will be posting them along with my LyCORIS and LoRA models. BUT - if someone is impatient, I've just posted them all on my coffee page :) (

I've heard that the uploading templates are being considered/worked on so hopefully I will be able to upload more models here :)

From other news:

  • I want to make an article about my embedding training (what, how, etc)

  • I'm in the process of doing a finetune of my model Serenity and it goes quite nicely which means Serenity 2.0 is coming closer and closer.

Cheers and see you soon!