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Upcoming Lora Plans


First time writing here hello! Figured I would pop my head in and say hello. Dusk did a comprehensive list for both of us, but I thought it would be kind to do our own.

We're currently training AT STYLE/Fionna and Cake, and Dusk is using colab computer power to help me with it because it's 4500 images.

Midjourney Manga/Anime style is coming up soon, it's been tested between us rigorously and it looks great.

We have a Ra'aelle/Demonic Criss X'voor that when Dusk showed us a few of the training data pics they created we cackled, and said "GIB! GIB GIB!".

We have an update to Enigma Kitsune that's being tested, only a few pics so far - but it's looking good!

Simon Petrikov's semi realistic (based on Second Life data) is getting an SDXL port, if you see anything on 1.5 you like and would like it ported to SDXL just ask!

We have a couple that we forgot to bring over from TensorArt:

Lady Demon

Wearing Headphones.

We'll upload those asap.

I'm not sure what was on Dusk's lora news, but that should sort ours. There may be more -- I'm probably missing a couple!