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a giant elephant with a red cape and a red cape on its head is standing in a city street

a lion with a sword and armor on a city street in front of a crowd of people and buildings, Altoon Sultan, epic fantasy character art, concept art, furry art

a man dressed as a lion walking down a street, trending on Artstation, digital art, from a marvel movie, big muscles, mobile wallpaper, disney remake (2021)

a close up of a monster on a city street, by Ignacio Zuloaga, digital art, charizard dog hybrid animal, tiger_beast, ( apocalyptic ) 8 k, destroying new york city

a lion flying through the air over a city, pixiv, massive muscles, fierce expression 4k, genzoman, 240p, loin cloth, ultra mega detailed, giga chad capaybara, beautiful iphone wallpaper

a close up of a person with a monster like body, Artstation, furry art, hulk body type, extremely detailed raccoon, anime art wallpaper 4k, super intricate, wolp, overgrowth, the strongest superhero, iphone background

a man with green hair holding a tennis ball, inspired by Ryan Barger, sōsaku hanga, broly, ultra hd anime wallpaper, (fire), anime tribal boy with long hair, standing triumphant and proud, marvel comic book characters, on an epic intricate oroboros, ripped

a close up of a man with a pig on his chest, by Aleksander Gierymski, zbrush central contest winner, digital art, flexing large muscles, pig pig pig, goku in real life, surreal hybrid animals, thicc build, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, photo manipulation, 9 0 s cgi,style furryart

a full body of a panther on a city street, concept art, inspired by Paul Pelletier, intricate bronze armour, hulkish, tiger_beast, ultron, nasus, full art, intricate”,style furryart

a gorilla in a red jacket on a city street, inspired by Alex Petruk APe, digital art, muscle extremely detailed, wukong, 3 d anime realistic, realistic clothing, swollen muscles, in the style of sifu 🔥 😎 🕹️ 👀 :2, absolutely outstanding image, chiseled muscles