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Gleipnir V1 Soon available


Hi because I got asked several times about the status of my Wip Model Gleipnir i have today good news:

my model Gleipnir will be finally public available in V1 Version soon it's now reaching its last testing phase.

this is just a short preview of its features.

Like the WIP Model it can work from photorealistic to artworks but it goes way higher in possible resolution till 1528x1528 it's also more consistent and has several flaws removed that V0.3 had, the model has also an more realistic look than before also some improvements in artworks and drawing 😉.

The only issue with the V1 model so far that it's not working properly in Fp16 I need to improve that in further updates that means it only available in fp32 and bf16 even I recommend using the fp32 Model.

This behemoth has a huge size I know it's around 13.7gb and 7 for the bf16 version.

Than it needs a good amount of Vram at around 8gb in comfy and in a1111 between 8.5 and 11.6gb especially in high resolution so stay tuned for the release 👍🎉