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Earth & Dusk Request form! (Open and Ready!)


OK WITHIN REASON THIS IS BACK OPEN and it's a good thing because we forgot we had concepts to add to our list!

To those of you waiting in freebie limbo: We see you, your requests are on our list we just forgot temporarily...


  1. You CAN SKIP FREEBIE LIMBO by paying BUZZ or Ko-Fi donations to either @earthnicity or myself. (500 buzz or 3 USD per concept)

  2. Model Ideas/TIs are added to the list.

  3. Ti's are usually free if you get how we make them, if you ask us to TRAIN one, well then - get in line LOL. (See the form for details)

  4. No CSAM, No Lolicon, no Pr0n, No independent artists (within reason), no tattoo artists, no nudity or 18+ NSFW.

  5. Extra requests go on the discord or forums here:

Backlist is the same as the list we just made the other day and any extra concepts we'd forgotten will be added to that.

We see all of you that we haven't gotten to your concepts, and those of you that requested content and got denied, it was a learning experience and we didn't realize we needed to tighten our boundaries.

How to find Us + Chat:

All of our Civit Content is here: /

Also noted if you're looking to have something trained and put ON YOUR OWN Civit profile, a small payment is required (like five bucks cause GPU rental go brr) - that'd be the only time we require payment just - cause reasons. 


Coffee/Pizza for Both of us:


YOU CAN make more requests by joining up our website here: 
And posting requests in the forum.

Why no Tattoo artists & Indie artists?

Tattoo artists tend to be under the same umbrella as Independent artists, we know of TWO comic book style artists who one of them is Tattoo/Comic/Street art and the other is Comic/Tattoo. Thing is? EVEN WITH permission, it's still an ethics thing.


.... Dusk has a graphic design degree. Even with the "DANTES INFERNO OF THEFT" that AI brings, there's still boundaries.

So if anyone requests anyone that I know that are indie artists, they'll go in the "someone else can do it" pile.

While these artists are VALID, and your requests are valid - apart from STYLE mashup ideas - there's just no way we're gonna risk lawsuits from INDIE artists.

Now, if you were to go "BUT ED BENES IS AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST" i'd cackle, because y'know if someone's worked for marvel and still got six figures and is banking it with their own art studio?



No seriously don't eat people that's illegal.

Vtubers/Game Chars?

VTUBERS and Characters are welcome, but you. need to make sure there's. either a pre existing dataset, or EASY access to datasets.