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Self-hosted Telegram bot for ComfyUI


My version of telegram bot for ComfyUI

text2image, image2image work. LoRA support available

Test bot: @stablecats_bot (not always online)

Github repo:

Bot usage

By default, when receiving a clean prompt, an image with dimensions DEFAULT_WIDTHxDEFAULT_HEIGHT is generated; the size can be specified in the format WIDTHxHEIGHT

The response from the bot will be two messages: a picture (with loss of quality due to telegram compression) and a PNG file with original quality.

If you send a picture to the bot, the picture will be converted, according to the prompt; in this case /face, the commands /upscalealso work. Important! For img2img, COntrolNet is used, and not classic denoise, which allows you to give a result as close as possible to the original.

To add your own negative prompt instead of the built-in one, you can add it to the message using a separator|

LoRA is connected by adding to the prompt #имя_LoRA. For example#vlozhkin


  1. git clone

  2. pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. create config.yaml from sample and set your telegram bot TOKEN

  4. run bot with command:


How to get TOKEN:

Token is a string that authenticates your bot (not your account) on the bot API. Each bot has a unique token which can also be revoked at any time via @BotFather.

Obtaining a token is as simple as contacting @BotFather, issuing the /newbot command and following the steps until you're given a new token. You can find a step-by-step guide here.

Your token will look something like this:


A working installation of ComfyUI with additional modules is required:

  • ComfyUI-Impact-Pack

  • ComfyUI_UltimateSDUpscale

It is also necessary to install models for segmentation:


ControlNet model: control_v11f1e_sd15_tile.pth

Rename the config.yaml.sample file to config.yaml and customize it for yourself:

  BOT_TOKEN: 'xxx:xxxxxx'

  DENY_TEXT: "Access denied"
  HELP_TEXT: "You can use text in any language to generate

By default, the image is created in a resolution of 512x512 pixels

In the prompt you can specify the size WIDTHxHEIGHT. For example - 1024x512

To add a negative prompt, add it to the end of the message using the '|' separator.


/upscale .... - creates a high-resolution image

/face .... - corrects facial defects"

  DEFAULT_MODEL: 'revAnimatedFp16_122.safetensors'
  DEFAULT_CONTROLNET: 'control_v11f1e_sd15_tile.pth'
  DEFAULT_VAE: 'vaeFtMse840000Ema_v10.safetensors'
  SCHEDULER: 'karras'                 
  SAMPLER: 'uni_pc'
  CLIP_SKIP: '-1'
  MAX_WIDTH: 2048      
  MAX_HEIGHT: 2048
  BEAUTIFY_PROMPT: ',masterpiece, perfect, small details, highly detailed, best, high quality, professional photo'
  NEGATIVE_PROMPT: 'low quality, worst quality, embedding:badhandv4, blurred, deformed, embedding:EasyNegative, embedding:badquality, watermark, text, font, signage, artist name, text, caption, jpeg artifacts'


  - 'vlozhkin|vlozhkin3.safetensors|1|vlozhkin style illustration'
  - 'jh|jamie_hewlett_style.safetensors|1|jamie hewlett style'
  - 'minecraft|minecraft_square_style_v2-10.safetensors|1|minecraft square style'
  - 'giardino|Giardino_Style-13.safetensors|1|giardino style illustration'

How to add your workflow

The following files are used:

  • t2i.json - basic text2image

  • t2i_upscale.json - text2image with upscale

  • t2i_facefix_upscale.json - text2image with upscale and face fix

  • i2i.json - basic image2image

  • i2i_upscale.json - image2image with upscale

  • i2i_facefix_upscale.json - image2image with upscale and face fix

In ComfyUI you need to enable dev mode (in the settings), the Save (API Format) menu item will appear

In workflow you need:

  1. In the text with ClipTextEncode, set the value for the positive promptpositive prompt

  2. In the text with ClipTextEncode, set the value for the negative promptnegative prompt

  3. For image2image in the json file code, set LoadImagethe value "inputs" - "image" in the source image block