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Commissions are OPEN!


Hello everyone! I wanted to just drop a message here now that I know this functionality exists to my wonderful Civitai followers! Ever since I made the jump from LoRA to Locon (LyCORIS) I've noticed my page engagement is a fair bit lower, but it makes me appreciate the ones who stay and use/try my models.

That being said, lets talk about what I've been doing! I will drop a Susan Strong (Adventure Time) Lycoris model here sometime within the next few days, and will be looking for my next public release idea. You can actually VOTE for this in my discord server if you boost my server or commission something from me (or win one of my server contests!)

If you want to bypass votes and maybe want a model to yourself this post is for you. I have my commissions open on my Coffee Page (borgar, because im cheems, haha) but you can either just tip me there or fill out a commission request form to pay me to create something for you!

I'm open to both Character and Style models. If you want me to merge models for a custom mix for you, give me a heads up on my discord and we can talk about it there. Thanks for all the support everyone!