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What's New This Week With Civitai 11/3/2023


What’s new this week with Civitai

  • New Base Model type: SDXL Distilled is here! It’s SDXL but 50% smaller and 60% faster! Supported by Comfy and Diffusers and just became Kohya compatible.

  • Recommended Resources on Model Version Editor: You can specify models, embeds or additional resources that play nice with your model version

  • New Profile Page: Supporters have early access to our new user profile pages, Showcase your best images or resources, top reviews, leave messages, write a bio, include sponsorship links and more.

  • Style Fusion Contest: Part 2 of the Style Capture and Fusion Contest started today! Read about it here. Take the style captured in the first part of the contest and mix them into new and interesting works.

Community Spotlight

Fun Stats

3605 New Models
8.7M Downloads (12PB of downloads)
12K New reviews
9K New comment
26K New posts
83 New articles
301 New creators
134K New images
408K New image reactions
6K New Collections
139K Items added to Collections