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3D Style Projects

3D Style Projects

Mission: Create perfect satisfying 3D art styles

This isn't a request system but I'd like certainly appreciate ideas of unique 3D styles to make Loras for.

Update Logs

  • 11/08/2023

    • Added RWBY, ViciNeko, and Genshin Impact to the list of styles I'm looking into making

  • 11/12/2023

    • Added Pokemon SwSh and D4DJ to the list of styles I'm looking into making.

    • Reformatted Upload Logs

    • Reorder list of new styles so the more likely ones are at the top

There are tons of really nice 3D styles on CivitAI but I'd like see more 3D styles.

I'm going to track all the 3D styles I've made as well as ideas for new styles.

3D Styles I've made:

  1. Render Cat - My first attempt at a 3D style. Its ok but too unstable and the Patreon logo is baked into the model 😅 so I need to fix it.

  2. Mantis - This one is good

  3. Rushzilla - This is too thick. It makes a nice 3D style but it requires too many extra prompts to get normal proportions.

  4. Alpha - This is vaguely Danny Mac's art style. This lora turned out ok on its own but its purposed is to be absorbed into a style merge

  5. Beta - This has a Koikatsu-feel but isn't 100% Koikatsu. I think it turned out really well and will probably merge well with other styles

New 3D Styles I'm looking into making

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild

  • Zelda Wind Waker

  • RWBY

  • Genshin Impact

  • Disgaea 6 & 7 models style

  • Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • Skuddbutt - most of this art is animations so I'd have to take screenshots which is kind of a hassle lol

  • Tell-tale games

  • Dragon Prince

  • D4DJ

  • Borderlands

  • ViciNeko - ViciNeko's content is Genshin Impact focused so that might give a slightly "Genshin" feel which would be a nice bonus.

Closing Comments

I'm hopeful that once I've made a enough different styles I'll be able to start merging them to make even better styles.

Side comment: I know some of the styles I've made/am planning to make have already been posted on CivitAI. I'm not trying to dethrone anyone I just want to make the Lora myself. For Loras/Models is that more is better: slight variations between two character Loras gives access to each AI Trainer's interpretation and technique.