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Merge Mix Contest! Winner Announced!


While ok, there was ONLY ONE WINNER? They're amazing.

The model is now up:

Pyrite's creator won and this was their recipie:

Model A: epicmixv1_v4 B: zenith_v1, block merge


Epicmixcontest -> baked kl-f8 vae

So because we just dropped a V1 prune-bake, we're pushing this as a V2 line.

This doesn't mean we'll push to do Epic Mix updates a lot -- but this contest was BEFORE we slowed back down on Epic Mix lines!

We haven't fully had a chance to test it ourselves, but we also ARE changing the permissions on Epic Mix V2 to respect the restrictions on Zenith. (Just giving y'all warning)

We'll hold more image contests in future since lots of people aren't as interested in merging!