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Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Full DreamBooth Model vs LoRA Extraction Comparison


I just extracted a base dimension rank 192 & alpha 192 rank LoRA from my Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) U-NET + Text Encoder DreamBooth trained model (with my newest very best Text Encoder config) and the result is really really good.

Of course not good as full model :)

LoRA is 1.4 GB, DreamBooth is 6.5 GB

LoRA size totally depends on LoRA rank

Same Seed — Not cherry picked

After Detailer (ADetailer) is on 0.4 denoise

I haven’t tested different Rank effect of LoRA extraction yet

Used Kohya GUI LoRA extract

Probably with extraction rank testing better results can be obtained

You can never get such good LoRA with LoRA training

Check right top of grids to see whether extracted LoRA or Full model

1st img : full
2nd : lora
3rd : full
4th : lora

You can download config from here :

You can see quick how to use tutorial here :