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ComfyUI PROTIP: It's possible to extrapolate while merging models.


While merging, if you pick a value below 0 or above 1, you will extrapolate rather than interpolate, which will allow you to create merges that lie outside of your usual "gamut", so to speak.

(1990s2000s_v10, beenyouToon_alpha2)

It can be achieved by altering some lines of code in "ComfyUI\comfy_extras\".

Simply change

"min": 0.0, "max": 1.0,


"min": -1.0, "max": 2.0,

It should look like this:

(I've also attached an already edited version of in this article.)

This will unlock new opportunities for experimentation. Don't be afraid to save a model that makes fugly ass deep fried images. In fact, a pinch of one of those can add a lot of flavor to your next interpolation!

Little trick I learned on Artbreeder. (Yes, even now, I spread the good news of "extended sliders" 😇🙏)

Happy splicing!