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How to 'comment out' parts of your prompts - my first extension

How to 'comment out' parts of your prompts - my first extension

Hello everyone,

I'm thrilled to share a straightforward yet effective extension I've crafted for Stable Diffusion. This tool lets you 'comment out' parts of your prompts, thereby ensuring they don't affect the model's responses. It's similar to how comments work in coding.

For instance, if there's a line in your prompt that you'd prefer the AI to overlook, you can start that line with a '#'. Here's an example:

# This line will be ignored by the model.

This feature allows you to maintain certain bits of the prompt for your reference, without them nudging the AI's response. It's a terrific tool for writers, developers, or anyone who often interacts with AI models and desires a more nuanced control over their prompts.

To kick-start using the extension, pop over to the repository (REPO), download the extension, and follow the instructions in the README file. I'm sure you'll find this tool handy, and I'm keen to hear your feedback!

Cheers, INFOLK.

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to install go to the extensions tab > install from url and add the github url