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Since there is so much I don't know and don't understand, I am tentatively planning to post images on other sites as well.

I am going to post some of the posted images that were deleted here or that may be deleted there. (I inquired about this before and was told it was just a glitch, but the glitch never seems to be fixed.)

Posted images disappear without notification, so if I notice it, I'll repost them on another site. If you would like to take a look there as well, that would be great.

I will also remove the images that have been warned of Flagged for review and post them to other sites without having to wait for review. I think it is a waste of time to be warned by a picture of a girl in normal clothes with no exposure, etc., just eating ramen noodles or reading a book, and wait for the screening process.




Flagged for reviewの警告がされた画像も審査を待つまでもなく削除して他のサイトへ投稿するつもりです。露出などのない普通の服を着た女の子がラーメンを食べていたり、読書をしているだけの絵で警告され、審査を待つのは時間の無駄だと思っていますので。