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How I make Morph animation (WorkFlow)


Animatediff work with Prompt Travel to customize your animation. prompt travel act as scheduled prompt function. allow you to use different prompt at different time and automatically add transition effect between them.

an example:

Although looks a bit complicated, it was divided into 5 steps:
ice -> water -> fire -> wind -> lightning

and I write the prompt like following:

0: <ice related elements>
16: <ice related elements>
32: <water related elements>
48: <water related elements>
64: <fire related elements>
80: <fire related elements>
96: <wind related elements>
112 : <wind related elements>
128: <lightning related elements>
144: <lightning related elements>

Number of frames:160 , FPS:8 , Others: default

Every 16 frames I write one, Using two same prompt lines once is to keep the effect for a while , let viewer see it more obviously. This example, ice will be kept during 0~16, won't change in this period

Now, let’s get down to the details

<ice related elements> like:arctic, arctic ocean

<water related elements> like:ocean, surging

<fire related elements> like:hell, magma

<wind related elements> like:tornado, gravel

<lightning related elements> like:lightning, clouds

I used 3 elements for each prompt line

PS: writing tips is to keep phrase simple, like "lightning in sky" ,"dark clouds" ,"in hell" or simply use single word. the more simple, AI grasp the meaning more accurately.

Finally,I wrote the prompt as follows:

1girl,full body,sexy wizzard,sexy clothes,long hair,perfect face,complex background,confident,charming

0: ice magic, (in the arctic, arctic ocean:1.3),
16: ice magic, (in the arctic, arctic ocean:1.3),
32: water magic, (ocean, surging:1.3),
48: water magic, (ocean, surging:1.3),
64: fire magic, (in hell, magma:1.3),
80: fire magic, (in hell, magma:1.3),
96: wind magic, (tornado, gravel:1.3),
112 : wind magic, (tornado, gravel:1.3),
128: electric magic, (lightning in bright sky, dark clouds:1.3),
144: electric magic, (lightning in bright sky, dark clouds:1.3),
160: ice magic, (in the arctic, arctic ocean:1.3)

And turn closed loop to R+P

Number of frames:160 , FPS:8,Others:Default


Actually this was made in comfyUI, use FizzNodes which similar to prompt travel, but can use the same prompt, Just need to add "". By the way, I'm glad to share my source files here, help to know more details about it. Hope to see the day even your grandma can use it


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