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online free tool, pack 3000+ images (1gb) into one file (20mb or less) html gallery, with it's data


created: 2023.10.15

An example of using the simple tool to convert a bunch of pictures into one HTML gallery file with many useful tools in it.

Image processing is focused on PNG files generated in the Automatic1111 StableDiffusion interface and extracts generation data in the process. However, the tool can be used to work with regular pictures, with the ability to specify a description for each before downloading the gallery to the device. The resulting gallery can be saved on your device, simple and convenient functions are available in the gallery

  • filtering images by the presence of a search request in a positive prompt.

  • a simple mechanism for playing pictures with the ability to specify the frame rate.

The tool has a simple mechanism for converting pictures to MP4 files. The conversion process uses inter-frame fades, which adds a smooth effect to the resulting clip.

-- update 20231108

favorites and exclude abilities:

-- update 20231123

minor update to the gallery layouts. Swaps the position of key elements, making the process of navigating through massive galleries more convenient, by increasing the area of the gallery itself.