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We've Raised $5.1M in Seed Funding Led By Andreessen Horowitz

We've Raised $5.1M in Seed Funding Led By Andreessen Horowitz

Today marks a significant milestone not only for the team at Civitai, but for our entire community. After a year since launching Civitai – a platform that, thanks to all of you, has grown to become the largest destination for discovering, creating, and sharing Stable Diffusion models and content – we’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised $5.1M in seed funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Civitai is your home, and with this funding round, we want to make it even better. At its core, this means we’ll be working on everything from building advanced generative AI tools and expanding our educational resources, to creating a more immersive on-site experience and exploring sustainable ways for generative AI creatives and builders to monetize their work. All of this is in service of a singular vision: nurturing a vibrant and resilient generative AI ecosystem that thrives for years to come.

Given the momentum we’ve built to date, we believe Civitai is positioned to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the generative AI ecosystem. Purely from organic growth, today we attract over 10 million unique visitors each month, making us one of the Top 1000 most visited websites in the world, as well as the 7th largest AI site. With almost 3 million registered users to date and 7,000 new users joining daily, Civitai has rapidly become one of the most popular online destinations for AI enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned experts or just beginning their journey. 

With the proliferation of generative AI advancements driven by companies like Stability AI, Midjourney, and OpenAI, people are seeking out new ways to collaborate, share, and learn about GenAI – and they’ve landed on Civitai to do just that.

"Civitai is a place where innovation happens daily. It was here that I pioneered Stable Diffusion AI models for clothing, creating an entirely new use case for generative AI. After comparing other platforms, it became clear that this was only possible on Civitai and nowhere else." - EDG, Civitai Top Creator

"With thousands of unique, high-quality Stable Diffusion models to choose from, Civitai has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to generate game assets, photorealistic images, or abstract art, Civitai’s passionate community of generative AI enthusiasts make anything possible." - konyconi, Civitai Top Creator

Civitai has emerged as a leading platform for Stable Diffusion resources and content – but we’re not stopping here. With our funding, we aim to broaden Civitai’s focus beyond Stable Diffusion and enable a truly multi-modal experience, making generative AI more accessible and streamlining content creation across audio, video, and text for users of all backgrounds.

For now, our primary goal is to complete what we consider the “v1” of Civitai by the end of the year, which includes features like revamped user profiles, direct messages, an enhanced on-site image generator, and more. 

With a strong foundation in place, we’ll then work to build upon everything that made our community and platform the special place it is today. Generative AI presents so much potential for creators and builders, and we’re excited to be a part of helping unlock it, every step of the way!

If you’d like to get in touch with us to learn more about Civitai and where we’re headed next, reach out at [email protected].