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Style Capture and Fusion Contest Completed


The Style Capture and Fusion Contest ended on Sunday! Apologies for the delay announcing winners.

We want to thank everyone that participated, So many great styles were added, and some really cool images were shared.
All participants will be given a unique badge onsite to show off your participation, but there can only be 7 winners per contest part.

Part 1: Style Capture

Win Criteria: Style Capture
Winners were chosen solely by how many image entries used that resource in the 2nd part of the contest.

Winners: Style Capture
#1 - Art Nouveau Style used by 1.6% of total entries
#2 - Artstyle: Jackson Pollock used by 1.11% of total entries
#3 - Francisco Goya (Painter) used by 1.10% of total entries
#4 - Mike Deodato [Art Style Capture] LoRA XL used by 1.06% of total entries
#5 - Simon Stalenhag - Style used by 1.05% of total entries
#6 - Anna Dittmann Style XL used by 0.99% of total entries
#7 - Mario Nevado Art Style [LoRA] used by 0.94% of total entries

Part 2: Style Fusion

Win Criteria: Style Fusion
Winners were chosen based on what we the team liked. Each team member picked our top 5 favorite images, we then voted internally to determine winners.

Winners: Style Fusion
#1 - Idle
#2 - okamuron
#3 - Pippone3000
#4 - Joschek
#5 - Sgrafmix421
#6 - artishtic
#7 - gourdouxrenaud217

Congrats to all winners and participants!
We’ll be emailing winners so keep an eye on your inbox 👍